Below you can see the different ways in which gothics wear makeup. As you can clearly see it is very striking and dark. It is very different from the some of us may wear our makeup. 

Below you can see some of the different types of clothing that some gothics wear. You can see that they are usually black and can be described as bold and sometimes old fashioned. 

Here you can see the different types of gothic jewellry that is also worn by some gothics. It can be seen as being very evil looking.

Gothics have a very unique and distinct style. This includes gothic fashion, makeup, jewellry, clothing, hair etc.  I will show you the different styles that they have. 

Gothics have very distinct hairstyles too. They are very wild and are very eye catching in thier styles. They also colour thier hair very bright, usuall red and pink but the most common hair colour is black. 

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